Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sweet Dreams Y'all

Sleepy zzzs to all my bees.

Sean P.

Friday, May 26, 2006

America's Most Wanted ... Me Y'all!

Wassup My Homies?

It's me y'all, The Cutest Celebrity Baby right here, talkin' at y'all. Don't worry I won't let the fame and kudos go to my head ... it's still way too sensitive as it is! Hah! Bah-da-BOMP! (that's a rimshot for all y'all who didn't get it).

One thang for sure, nobody can say Ma and Pa didn't turn out a cutie, which is even more of a good reason to keep my cute lil' hiney hangin' 'round the planet for awhile longer.

Thank You

First off, the joint's goin' crazy with a wild buzz thanks to the good folks over at Star Magazine. Thank y'all for makin' me feel downright special. I'm sure Ma appreciated the love as much as I did.

And of course, a very special thanks to Kelly Will for takin' the time to touch base with us here at Dude, these people at Star are on top of it y'all. They don't miss a thing when it comes to one-of-a-kind news stories. No wonder Ma reads it.

I'd also like to give a shout-out to Uncle Spanky and Aunt Chrissy from The Morning Fix Show on Hot 93.1, KRCS FM, in Rapid City, South Dakota, once again for havin' me on the show. I had a great time, as always. Check out the special page they made just for Thanks guys! I can't wait to hook y'all up with my Manny (my male nanny). He's pretty cool -- kinda strict though, but I like him.

Special Save Sean Preston Page on Hot 93.1, KRCS FM

And last, but most certainly not least, I'd like to thank Diz -- the cute rockin' chick down at the world-famous, World Book & News Stand, down on Cahuenga & Hollywood, who recognized me in my Save Sean Preston T-Shirt! She was sweet enough to give me a copy of Star, as a gift. Love's ya Diz.

Anyway, I have much to be thankful for ... today Ma decided to leave me at home, so I could catch up on some quality time with my toys. I rested up and got a lil' beauty sleep. Okay, I'm out for now.

Save Sean Preston & Pals: Official Petition

Remember to please keep me and my homies in your heart, and sign my Save Sean Preston Petition ... for all kids. Time to go to Dreamland. I miss ya Pa. Luv ya Ma.

Peace Out
Sean P.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Wassup My Homies?

Ya know ... I just found this clip, and it made me miss my Pa. Where the hell is he, anyways? Hmm. Oh, well, Just thought I'd lay down a vidclip o' some kid crunkin' to Pa's song, Popazao! He's purty cute, but I still say, baby, don't quit your day gig. lol

Gonna split and catch a few z's. Gotta do some radio interviews tomorrow. Sign my Petition, will ya? It's not just about me, y'all, and I'm not gonna quit until I git 2,000 sigs, or more. I'm sick o' bein' carried around like a sack o' taters.

Hey, does Mercedes make a stroller? Just checkin'.

Peace out,
Sean P.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On the Radio ... Ohhhh, On the Radio

Wassup Y'all,

Yeehaw! Just did my first-evah live radio interviews. Back-to-back too. Talk about Popozao! Very fun indeed. As a nachul-born performa', I gots to dish out the props to the very special peeps who made it all possible:

First up, is my good friend Spanky, host of The Morning Fix Show on Hot 93.1, KRCS FM, out in Rapid City, South Dakota. The good folks even gave me my own shout-out page ... check it out! Thanks all y'all!

Special Save Sean Preston Page on Hot 93.1, KRCS FM

I'd like to give another shout-out to my other new friends Bennett & Birch, hosts of the rockin' mornin' show over at WINK 96.9 FM, out in lovely downtown Fort Myers, Florida.

Everybody was super cool, and put up quite well with all my baby shenanigans quite nicely, and got the word out about the Official Sean Preston Petition for Child Safety & Education, for which me and the Org, most warmly thank 'em all.

Please encourage people to sign it, not just for my sake, but for kids everywhere, this is not a joke, trust me. Anybody who knows how much is involved in puttin' an Org together, knows how much time, energy and effort goes into a joint like this here. The petition is only for creating Child Safety Awareness and Education, not bashin' my Ma, so please read the petition. Then, if ya ain't got nuthin' nice to say, don't say nuthin'. I ain't quittin' until I get my sigs to the Magic Number.

Just thought y'all might want to know, our efforts are being applauded by the good folks over at The Children's Safety Network, out in Massachussetts (my Manny hepped me spell that y'all!). And we've gotten some good advice and statistical support from the good folks over at Kids'n'Cars, and our support network is steadily growing. So thanks to all y'all for takin' the issue of Child Safety seriously.

Anyway, gotta go for now ... time to sneak back into my crib before my Manny comes in to check up on me.

Peace out,
Sean P.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Babies Iz My Biznazz

Wassup Lil' Critters?

Lawd'a Mussy! These must truly be the Endtimes, 'cos I been gettin' revelation after revelation, y'all -- Seriously.

Here's what I have learned from my babyblog experience, so far:

According to the mamas who wrote me a ton of e-mail regardin' my joint, 100% of all children (belonging to the letter-writers) have either been:

1) Dropped on their heads;
2) Never used a car seat or stroller when they was kids;
3) Never use a car seat or stroller for their own kids;
4) Suffered broken bones from falling;
5) Suffered injury from a slip-and-fall while bein' carried (like me);
6) Have miraculously survived past childhood.

Hells to the yeah! I feel so much better already. Thanks for the word up! Life just makes so much more sense to me now. What about y'all?

Peace out,
Sean P.

PS ... Sign My Child Safety Petition Now!

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Wassup Y'all?

Ya know I get res'less at night. As a result, it's gettin' to be one o' my regular joints to crawl out mah crib and grab me a bottle a white comfort, aka M.I.L.K. Does a body good y'all. I can't wait to get older so's I can sport a milk 'stache.

Anyway, ya know I love me some Mr. Rogers, throwin' down his funky whiteboy beat, so here 'tis y'all. Sure beats havin' to sit tight while Pa gives a bad rap to a lullabye. Welp, hope ya like it. 'S one o' my faves. Dig it. Yeah, and don't forget to sign My Petition y'all Thanks!

Peace out,
SP zzz...zzzz

Monday, May 22, 2006

Save Me & My Homies - Sign the Petition!

Hey Y'all,

Just so you know I'm serious about Child Safety, you should go on over and check out my Petition for Child Safety by clickin' the link below:

Save Sean Preston & Pals: Official Petition

I ain't kiddin' y'all. I would rather put my name onto a petition that goes toward the actual accomplishment of something worthwhile, instead of forever having my sig linked to a worthless cause. Time to think about it y'all. Besides, I ain't goin' nowhere folks. I'm here for all the kids who ain't gotta voice in this world. At least somebody listens when I talk. Even if a few of 'em don't understand what I'm sayin'.

I find it very curious that anybody would be more concerned with an adult's feelins', rather than be concerned over the issue of Child Safety, specifically mine! Merely defending mistakes others make, (even if it's my Ma), does not fix a darned thing. It just keeps up a vicious cycle that never ends.

Nobody here is dissin' my Ma, and nobody's judgin' -- got it? We're just tryin' to get a message through, one that is good for everybody, including Ma herself.

Anybody uncaring enough to try to stop a Public Service Announcement for Child Safety, needs to seriously examine their priorities. 'Nuff said.

Peace out,
Sean P.

Me & a Bottle 'o Milk, Chillin'

Wassup Homies?

Just snuck out the crib, and crawled on over to the kitchen to cop a bottle o' milk. Thought I'd throw down some beats for y'all before I go back to bed. Thanks for all the love y'all, ya done warmed my lil' heart. Checkin' out now. Nighty-night.

Peace out,

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Purpose of the Save Sean Preston Site

Hey Y'all,

As promised, I told y'all I had planned to tell ya the true reason for the website, so sit down -- it might just shock ya.

This site was created by carin', creative peeps who felt sorry for me, and thought everybody could stand to learn somethin' about Child Safety and Protection. However, it looks to me like some of y'all don't get it. Nobody's gonna take me away from my Ma ... hells to the no! What are you guys thinkin', makin' up stuff like that? At no time did anybody ever say such foolishness, so get it outta yer heads right now.

I just wanted Ma to get me a darned baby stroller, or one o' them things ya wear around your shoulder; I just wanted her to be more careful with me, and get you to be more careful with your own kids too. Good heavens, I said so several times.

Read the Front Page of the website. Lo and behold, you'll see what I want to happen with this site. I wanna teach y'all how to take care of me and my homies. Ain't nothin' wrong with that now, is there?

Peace out,
Sean P.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Kids Aren't Alright!

Hey Y'all,

First off, I'd like to thank all of the many peeps out there who have showed their support for what me and my Org, is tryin' to do -- namely, get the word out about Kid Safety. Y'all can be sure you done the right thang by heppin' me out. It sure has been an eye-openin' experience to see how much I've learned about what people think is acceptable treatment for young 'uns, thas' for sure!

Now, I gotta ask y'all whassup with the cussin' and fussin', comin' from some of you Haters. Hmm. I thought Ma was an icon of purity and innocence, but apparently, a lot of Ma's fans are lackin' in a few areas to say the least ;)

Please git it in your head that I don't dig the followin':

1) Cussin', (even in Espagnole lol);
2) Bad spellin'; and
3) Lack o' manners in a public place, and of course spam (except for lunch).

~Thank Y'all~

Ignorance is Not Bliss

Please git it in your heads that it's cool that y'all love Ma, but, let's get one thing straight ... ignorant fans are an embarrassment to any popstar, so if you're foolish enough to risk your kid's life, don't think you're impressin' my Ma, 'cos you ain't! If anythin' you only go to prove why Save Sean Preston is the best thing to happen to the topic of Child Safety Awareness since Sesame Street! I ain't here to hurt Ma, but to help her understand that she needs help raisin' me, simple as that.

4 Out of 5 Mamas Say Baby Air-bags Are "A-OK"!

Now, I been gettin' some downright disturbin' info from some o' you mamas out there. Seems quite a few of you admitted to drivin' with your kid on your laps, and thought it was okay 'cos y'all "do it all the time". Uh huh, I see. Well, then of course, that makes it legal. What are you, nuts?!

Also, another bunch of mamas said usin' me for an airbag was okay, 'cos the "paparazzi was involved". What a lameass excuse y'all! (btw Ma's just pissed that they took a picture of her breakin' the law!) The only reason y'all continue to think it's okay is 'cos the cops didn't give Mama a citation. (Translation: It's okay to endanger a baby's life as long as you don't get a citation.) Obviously, some parents also think it's okay, 'cos kids are too little to understand what's goin' on. Even if we did, we can't talk yet, so basically we're screwed. So, puh-leeze people, git real will ya? Sheesh!

Quite a Few Kids Left Behind, Apparently

Many mamas have apparently never bothered to learn to read (so much for the educational system)! Anyway, lots of mamas said the carseat was facing the correct way. Sorry to tell you, you're freakin' w-r-o-n-g.

Baby carseats, placed in the backseat, should be facing toward the rear of the car, to prevent a kid's death, in the event of an accident. At least according to the Law, which nobody has apparently bothered to read about before making a comment, like a crazy bunnyhead. I heard People magazine has an article featuring this info, and unflattering pix of yours truly in the newest ish. Check it out. Just remember, those pix were taken from my bad side. ;)

Word Up to My Baby Homies

Now, I'm gonna scare the crap right out my homies' Pampers when I let 'em know that a lotta mamas out there admitted to having also dropped their kids at some point, or knowingly endangered their kids, but that it was okay 'cos they didn't "mean to". Why yes, that's just fine and dandy. I'm sure there's a lotta kids out there with accidental brain damage that'll be relieved to know that at least their mamas didn't mean to drop 'em. (Note to self, donate to kids with brain damage, check!)

By the way, I found it strange that no Papas admitted to endangering their kids, just the Mamas. Kids wake up! You're all in deep poo, if this is the truth!

Remember, just 'cos you don't know how to take care of your own kids, doesn't mean it's okay to allow accidents to happen to yours, or anyone else's.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

If you don't know stickin' a fork in a live socket can kill you -- sure, it may be a mistake ... but it's still a mistake you're gonna pay for with your life! Sometimes you don't get a second chance. When you see somebody makin' dangerous mistakes, it's your duty to speak up and say something to protect people from doin' stupid stuff -- that's what my site is all about. Try to see past your obsession with protecting my Ma's feelin's -- after all, she's a grown-up. Think about me for a minute y'all, I'm still a baby.

Mama Against the Truth

Also, I know Ma says the chair broke, but where's the proof? Come on, this stuff wouldn't cut it in Court would it? For heaven's sake ... they wouldn't even take her word for it if she tried to get a refund for a bag of Cheetohs without a freakin' receipt! (Aw, come on now, we both know Ma ain't never returned a bag o' Cheetohs, but you know what I mean.)

Remember that Ma is the same person who also once claimed to be a "virgin" while she was livin' with the guy who almost became my Pa. She lied to the public because she was worried about losing her fans. Still, it shows she's capable of hidin' the truth when her image is at stake. She's only human, yeah -- but when you agree to be an icon, bein' a role model tends to come with the job. Gotta deal, my friends.

Where's the Proof Y'all?

Wouldn't y'all like to talk to the Nanny who got supposedly got "fired"? Where is she? Don't you think it's strange that she's disappeared and doesn't want to tell her side of the story, and maybe to apologize? Hmm, anyway, I don't remember any nanny droppin' me. (Of course, I blacked out from a skull fracture, so my memory could be a bit fuzzy on that one.)

Also, where's the pictures of the "broken chair", and what company made it and what's goin' on with the supposed "lawsuit"? Just wonderin'. You think if the world's most famous baby almost got killed 'cos of a broken chair, there wouldn't be any lawsuit? Now what if that baby belonged to the world's most famous popstar?

Go figure it out my friends. What it all comes down to is you're all takin' Mama's word on these things, without checkin' the facts. For now, the evidence is pilin' up like a heap o' used diapers in a hot room. Now think about what I just said, and get back to me in a straight up way. Over and out.

Peace out,
Sean P.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Ma's Gittin' a Gun Y'all -- Hep Me Lord!

Wassup Y'all?

Dig, it's gettin' downright scary now ... y'all prolly heard that Ma's snapped, and now she's talkin' 'bout gittin' a gun! Oh, Lordy, whadda my gonna do now? Sheeyite. Can you imagine what it's gonna be like for me now? I'm gonna be juggled with a drink and a pistol.

Oh, and yeah, the below link is for the lady who wanted proof that Ma never spilled a drop, even though she almost dropped me ... the pix don't lie. Click the link and scroll down to see the video for yourselves.

Video Clip of Ma Almost Droppin' My Punk Ass

You ain't see nuthin' yet -- Mama and a gun. Bad combo. Doncha think? Time to get a helmet. Wish me luck my homies. And haters, if y'all can't see the good in what I'm doin', you obviously ain't got no young'uns. Get a life y'all, I'm jus' tryin' to survive another day.

Peace Out,
Sean P.

See? I TOLD YA!!

Wassup Y'all,

Welp, she's done did it agin! Ma, why can't you just git yerself one 'o them baby thingies that you wear across the front, and stop pretending you're Angelina all buff and stuff, and that ya can hold me all by yerself! Ya can't!.

Better yet, why not get the cool Burt Reynolds-lookin' dude to help ya out, and let him carry me before you drop me again! Come on mama! Help a kid out!

Luv ya, mean it.

And as far as everyone's comments, keep out that bad words, 'cuz it just ain't right y'all. Say what you want, but stop the 'cussin, 'cos it's my blog, and I can say my peace yo. Thanks for the support from the baby lovers y'all, ya done touched mah heart and I feel the love. As I said, this ain't just about me, it's about all my baby homies out there who don't have nobody to stand up ... okay, so I ain't standin' jus' yet, but y'all know what I mean. Keep it real.

Peace Out,
Sean P.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yo! Save My Punk Ass!

Wassup My Homies?

Welp, they're here! Yep, my Official "Save Sean Preston" t-shirts are finally for sale through my new site:

Save Sean!

If you love kids, (especially me), than I'm sure you'll understand why I decided to agree to become the official poster baby for child safety and awareness! If you don't know my scene, check out my first blog already.

A solid bunch of all proceeds made from sellin' my shizz will be donated to a whole buncha kid's charities on behalf of Yours Truly. Do what you can to save the endangered species of celebrity babies!

Also, remember to keep comin' back here to my official blog and leave your comments as to how you think I can git ma and pa to understand and fill my needs. Yo, spread the word my peeps!

Peace Out,
Sean P.

Welcome to Save Sean Preston!

Wassup Y'all,

Yep ... it's me Sean P. here, just letting y'all know wassup in my hood. Like man, it's been freakin' crazy around here. Hell, a kid can't git no sleep ... my mama drags my punkass outta my crib and drags my tired cheeks across the country on her own damn whim constantly. What about my dad K-Fed, you ask? There's a post on the way about that particular subject, don't worry yer 'lil head 'bout it.

Dammitalltahell. Tha's right, I'm cussin' ... I gotta right to say how I feel, don't I? Just cuz I'm baby don't mean shizz! Baby's got feelin's y'all, tha's what I'm talkin' bout.

Whatevs, I'm just need 'ta let y'all know I ain't happy with the way things been goin' lately. I'm tired, I gotta constant dull headache goin' on 24/7, from bitch droppin' my ass. Yeah, tha's what I done said -- Mama done dropped me more times than she's sayin'. And yeah, it's true, I fell off the bed a couple times too, but everybody's been tryin' to play the shizz down. Fired the nanny, yeah, right.

The high chair didn't break, as y'all have prolly guessed by now. Truth be known y'all -- Mama was tryin' to pick me up after eatin' a bag o' Cheetohs, (I need not remind y'all of the grease factor involved), when lo and behold, she dropped my sorry ass down on the floor. I tried to break the fall, with my hands, but I landed on my punkass noggin', and shee-yite, I woulda passed out cold, but, I was so damned mad I started cryin' and yellin' like all git-out! Lord, you shoulda seen Mama freak out. She didn't tell Pa 'til much later, not that he woulda cared much, after all, he's a bizzy dude y'all, what with the music, and the kickin' back a bottle o' some JD, smokin' some righteous herb and generally gittin' on down with some ho's at the studio.

I been tryin' to hatch a plan to git out while the gittin's good ... so I decided to get in touch with some folks who promised to help get the word out on my sorry-ass plight. I need to make a break, I only got so much time left before things git worse, and trust me y'all, things git ugly if I hang here much longer.

Anyway, I'm out for now. If y'all wanna help my baby-ass out, go on over to my official website:®, and send me an email. Okay, gonna try to chill while the bitch is out gettin' her hair fried.

Peace out,
Sean P.