Friday, May 26, 2006

America's Most Wanted ... Me Y'all!

Wassup My Homies?

It's me y'all, The Cutest Celebrity Baby right here, talkin' at y'all. Don't worry I won't let the fame and kudos go to my head ... it's still way too sensitive as it is! Hah! Bah-da-BOMP! (that's a rimshot for all y'all who didn't get it).

One thang for sure, nobody can say Ma and Pa didn't turn out a cutie, which is even more of a good reason to keep my cute lil' hiney hangin' 'round the planet for awhile longer.

Thank You

First off, the joint's goin' crazy with a wild buzz thanks to the good folks over at Star Magazine. Thank y'all for makin' me feel downright special. I'm sure Ma appreciated the love as much as I did.

And of course, a very special thanks to Kelly Will for takin' the time to touch base with us here at Dude, these people at Star are on top of it y'all. They don't miss a thing when it comes to one-of-a-kind news stories. No wonder Ma reads it.

I'd also like to give a shout-out to Uncle Spanky and Aunt Chrissy from The Morning Fix Show on Hot 93.1, KRCS FM, in Rapid City, South Dakota, once again for havin' me on the show. I had a great time, as always. Check out the special page they made just for Thanks guys! I can't wait to hook y'all up with my Manny (my male nanny). He's pretty cool -- kinda strict though, but I like him.

Special Save Sean Preston Page on Hot 93.1, KRCS FM

And last, but most certainly not least, I'd like to thank Diz -- the cute rockin' chick down at the world-famous, World Book & News Stand, down on Cahuenga & Hollywood, who recognized me in my Save Sean Preston T-Shirt! She was sweet enough to give me a copy of Star, as a gift. Love's ya Diz.

Anyway, I have much to be thankful for ... today Ma decided to leave me at home, so I could catch up on some quality time with my toys. I rested up and got a lil' beauty sleep. Okay, I'm out for now.

Save Sean Preston & Pals: Official Petition

Remember to please keep me and my homies in your heart, and sign my Save Sean Preston Petition ... for all kids. Time to go to Dreamland. I miss ya Pa. Luv ya Ma.

Peace Out
Sean P.


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