Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Kids Aren't Alright!

Hey Y'all,

First off, I'd like to thank all of the many peeps out there who have showed their support for what me and my Org, is tryin' to do -- namely, get the word out about Kid Safety. Y'all can be sure you done the right thang by heppin' me out. It sure has been an eye-openin' experience to see how much I've learned about what people think is acceptable treatment for young 'uns, thas' for sure!

Now, I gotta ask y'all whassup with the cussin' and fussin', comin' from some of you Haters. Hmm. I thought Ma was an icon of purity and innocence, but apparently, a lot of Ma's fans are lackin' in a few areas to say the least ;)

Please git it in your head that I don't dig the followin':

1) Cussin', (even in Espagnole lol);
2) Bad spellin'; and
3) Lack o' manners in a public place, and of course spam (except for lunch).

~Thank Y'all~

Ignorance is Not Bliss

Please git it in your heads that it's cool that y'all love Ma, but, let's get one thing straight ... ignorant fans are an embarrassment to any popstar, so if you're foolish enough to risk your kid's life, don't think you're impressin' my Ma, 'cos you ain't! If anythin' you only go to prove why Save Sean Preston is the best thing to happen to the topic of Child Safety Awareness since Sesame Street! I ain't here to hurt Ma, but to help her understand that she needs help raisin' me, simple as that.

4 Out of 5 Mamas Say Baby Air-bags Are "A-OK"!

Now, I been gettin' some downright disturbin' info from some o' you mamas out there. Seems quite a few of you admitted to drivin' with your kid on your laps, and thought it was okay 'cos y'all "do it all the time". Uh huh, I see. Well, then of course, that makes it legal. What are you, nuts?!

Also, another bunch of mamas said usin' me for an airbag was okay, 'cos the "paparazzi was involved". What a lameass excuse y'all! (btw Ma's just pissed that they took a picture of her breakin' the law!) The only reason y'all continue to think it's okay is 'cos the cops didn't give Mama a citation. (Translation: It's okay to endanger a baby's life as long as you don't get a citation.) Obviously, some parents also think it's okay, 'cos kids are too little to understand what's goin' on. Even if we did, we can't talk yet, so basically we're screwed. So, puh-leeze people, git real will ya? Sheesh!

Quite a Few Kids Left Behind, Apparently

Many mamas have apparently never bothered to learn to read (so much for the educational system)! Anyway, lots of mamas said the carseat was facing the correct way. Sorry to tell you, you're freakin' w-r-o-n-g.

Baby carseats, placed in the backseat, should be facing toward the rear of the car, to prevent a kid's death, in the event of an accident. At least according to the Law, which nobody has apparently bothered to read about before making a comment, like a crazy bunnyhead. I heard People magazine has an article featuring this info, and unflattering pix of yours truly in the newest ish. Check it out. Just remember, those pix were taken from my bad side. ;)

Word Up to My Baby Homies

Now, I'm gonna scare the crap right out my homies' Pampers when I let 'em know that a lotta mamas out there admitted to having also dropped their kids at some point, or knowingly endangered their kids, but that it was okay 'cos they didn't "mean to". Why yes, that's just fine and dandy. I'm sure there's a lotta kids out there with accidental brain damage that'll be relieved to know that at least their mamas didn't mean to drop 'em. (Note to self, donate to kids with brain damage, check!)

By the way, I found it strange that no Papas admitted to endangering their kids, just the Mamas. Kids wake up! You're all in deep poo, if this is the truth!

Remember, just 'cos you don't know how to take care of your own kids, doesn't mean it's okay to allow accidents to happen to yours, or anyone else's.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

If you don't know stickin' a fork in a live socket can kill you -- sure, it may be a mistake ... but it's still a mistake you're gonna pay for with your life! Sometimes you don't get a second chance. When you see somebody makin' dangerous mistakes, it's your duty to speak up and say something to protect people from doin' stupid stuff -- that's what my site is all about. Try to see past your obsession with protecting my Ma's feelin's -- after all, she's a grown-up. Think about me for a minute y'all, I'm still a baby.

Mama Against the Truth

Also, I know Ma says the chair broke, but where's the proof? Come on, this stuff wouldn't cut it in Court would it? For heaven's sake ... they wouldn't even take her word for it if she tried to get a refund for a bag of Cheetohs without a freakin' receipt! (Aw, come on now, we both know Ma ain't never returned a bag o' Cheetohs, but you know what I mean.)

Remember that Ma is the same person who also once claimed to be a "virgin" while she was livin' with the guy who almost became my Pa. She lied to the public because she was worried about losing her fans. Still, it shows she's capable of hidin' the truth when her image is at stake. She's only human, yeah -- but when you agree to be an icon, bein' a role model tends to come with the job. Gotta deal, my friends.

Where's the Proof Y'all?

Wouldn't y'all like to talk to the Nanny who got supposedly got "fired"? Where is she? Don't you think it's strange that she's disappeared and doesn't want to tell her side of the story, and maybe to apologize? Hmm, anyway, I don't remember any nanny droppin' me. (Of course, I blacked out from a skull fracture, so my memory could be a bit fuzzy on that one.)

Also, where's the pictures of the "broken chair", and what company made it and what's goin' on with the supposed "lawsuit"? Just wonderin'. You think if the world's most famous baby almost got killed 'cos of a broken chair, there wouldn't be any lawsuit? Now what if that baby belonged to the world's most famous popstar?

Go figure it out my friends. What it all comes down to is you're all takin' Mama's word on these things, without checkin' the facts. For now, the evidence is pilin' up like a heap o' used diapers in a hot room. Now think about what I just said, and get back to me in a straight up way. Over and out.

Peace out,
Sean P.


Blogger Jenny said...

I am horrified by the way Sean Preston has been put in life-threatening situations. It makes me wonder if Britney does all of these things that are caught on camera, how many really stupid things is she doing that are not on camera? I am sure that being followed constantly by the paparazzi is stressful and awful, but that is part of the celebrity game. Since she knows the press follows her every move, Britney needs to be even more careful and vigilant when it comes to taking care of her baby while in public view.

I am the mother of a two-year-old little boy and I have made plenty of mistakes, but I have NEVER driven with him on my lap and used him as an airbag and I would never let him "bake" in the back seat of a tiny convertible car. Britney is not a poor, single mom that cannot afford a bigger and safer car for her child to ride in.

For those of you that still think that forward-facing carseat is fine, you are 100% wrong. The California Vehicle Code states a child should be in a rear-facing safety seat until 20 lbs. AND at least one year in age. Even if SPF is over 20 lbs., he is not a year old yet. If she were to get into a car accident, his little neck would be less able to withstand the force of the impact at that angle while riding forward facing. Also, to those of you that say too much is being made of child safety issues and, "That back when you were a kid, no one even wore seat belts or had car seats and you turned out just fine," the infant and child mortality rates were much higher than they are today and that is in part because of advancements in medicine and child safety equipment.

Britney Spears has all of the financial and parenting resources at her disposal, and she still can't manage to pull it together.
My goal and hope is not for Britney to be in trouble, so much as for her precious and innocent baby to be protected and not be placed in these situations again. I hope Britney learns from these mistakes. Hopefully other parents will learn from Britney's mistakes as well.

9:21 PM  

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