Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On the Radio ... Ohhhh, On the Radio

Wassup Y'all,

Yeehaw! Just did my first-evah live radio interviews. Back-to-back too. Talk about Popozao! Very fun indeed. As a nachul-born performa', I gots to dish out the props to the very special peeps who made it all possible:

First up, is my good friend Spanky, host of The Morning Fix Show on Hot 93.1, KRCS FM, out in Rapid City, South Dakota. The good folks even gave me my own shout-out page ... check it out! Thanks all y'all!

Special Save Sean Preston Page on Hot 93.1, KRCS FM

I'd like to give another shout-out to my other new friends Bennett & Birch, hosts of the rockin' mornin' show over at WINK 96.9 FM, out in lovely downtown Fort Myers, Florida.

Everybody was super cool, and put up quite well with all my baby shenanigans quite nicely, and got the word out about the Official Sean Preston Petition for Child Safety & Education, for which me and the Org, most warmly thank 'em all.

Please encourage people to sign it, not just for my sake, but for kids everywhere, this is not a joke, trust me. Anybody who knows how much is involved in puttin' an Org together, knows how much time, energy and effort goes into a joint like this here. The petition is only for creating Child Safety Awareness and Education, not bashin' my Ma, so please read the petition. Then, if ya ain't got nuthin' nice to say, don't say nuthin'. I ain't quittin' until I get my sigs to the Magic Number.

Just thought y'all might want to know, our efforts are being applauded by the good folks over at The Children's Safety Network, out in Massachussetts (my Manny hepped me spell that y'all!). And we've gotten some good advice and statistical support from the good folks over at Kids'n'Cars, and our support network is steadily growing. So thanks to all y'all for takin' the issue of Child Safety seriously.

Anyway, gotta go for now ... time to sneak back into my crib before my Manny comes in to check up on me.

Peace out,
Sean P.


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