Thursday, May 25, 2006


Wassup My Homies?

Ya know ... I just found this clip, and it made me miss my Pa. Where the hell is he, anyways? Hmm. Oh, well, Just thought I'd lay down a vidclip o' some kid crunkin' to Pa's song, Popazao! He's purty cute, but I still say, baby, don't quit your day gig. lol

Gonna split and catch a few z's. Gotta do some radio interviews tomorrow. Sign my Petition, will ya? It's not just about me, y'all, and I'm not gonna quit until I git 2,000 sigs, or more. I'm sick o' bein' carried around like a sack o' taters.

Hey, does Mercedes make a stroller? Just checkin'.

Peace out,
Sean P.


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