Monday, May 22, 2006

Save Me & My Homies - Sign the Petition!

Hey Y'all,

Just so you know I'm serious about Child Safety, you should go on over and check out my Petition for Child Safety by clickin' the link below:

Save Sean Preston & Pals: Official Petition

I ain't kiddin' y'all. I would rather put my name onto a petition that goes toward the actual accomplishment of something worthwhile, instead of forever having my sig linked to a worthless cause. Time to think about it y'all. Besides, I ain't goin' nowhere folks. I'm here for all the kids who ain't gotta voice in this world. At least somebody listens when I talk. Even if a few of 'em don't understand what I'm sayin'.

I find it very curious that anybody would be more concerned with an adult's feelins', rather than be concerned over the issue of Child Safety, specifically mine! Merely defending mistakes others make, (even if it's my Ma), does not fix a darned thing. It just keeps up a vicious cycle that never ends.

Nobody here is dissin' my Ma, and nobody's judgin' -- got it? We're just tryin' to get a message through, one that is good for everybody, including Ma herself.

Anybody uncaring enough to try to stop a Public Service Announcement for Child Safety, needs to seriously examine their priorities. 'Nuff said.

Peace out,
Sean P.


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